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Maintenance to Optimization. Maximizing Efficiency and Reliability

In the world of medical devices & diagnostics, innovation is the driving force behind growth and success. However, these products have long development lifecycles, and even longer sustenance lifecycle.

The matured products underpin a company’s financial stability. Typically most of the products in the portfolio are well into the sustenance phase of the lifecycle. It’s common knowledge that sustaining existing products, preventing obsolescence and enhancing performance, extend the products market life. An overlooked part of sustenance engineering is, it’s potential to transform the insights gained into future innovation.

Sustenance operations with a strategic intent is a high return for a lower investment approach to enhance the topline, retain market position and improved the profitability.

Empowering Innovation through Sustenance Engineering

Quest Global’s Sustenance engineering solutions can provide a solid foundation for a company's continued growth. Additionally, the insights and processes developed through sustenance engineering programs can often be leveraged for NPIs, thus providing both long- and short-term benefits.

For many leading players in the industry, partnering with a Quest Global in sustenance engineering programs created a foundation for stability and allow the R&D to focus on innovation and growth in a highly competitive industry.

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