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Rejuvenate heritage product lines, accelerate new product innovation and ensure customer delight.

Reimagine product lifecycle through QuEST SustenanceFactory

Technology keeps evolving at a rapid pace and constant innovations have meant that product development life cycles are getting shorter. Heritage/Legacy systems and products require frequent updates and upgrades while new and smarter products need to be launched in the market every day based on technology innovation and business requirements. The increasing cost of developing new products and keeping the existing product line in sync with new features can be taxing on product teams. Balancing this challenge at optimal costs and high quality standards requires the support of leading sustenance partners such as QuEST. We at QuEST are in the business of standardization, optimization and automation. Through QuEST SustenanceFactory, you will have a partner who helps you to become better in innovation and standardization for the benefit of your clients, yourself and us as your partner.

The Business challenges every product team of tomorrow of faces:

Resource bandwidth affecting new product innovation

Teams are locked in sustenance and not able to focus and speed up R&D and innovation to gain competitive advantage

High total cost of ownership (TCO)

Product Sustenance takes up 50-80% of the total cost of ownership

Operational challenges due to complexity & diversity

Too many and disparate products/platforms, different technologies, complex demography and geographical spread of teams and varying stage of lifecycles

Continued support for sunset products

This could be due to strong customer affinity, niche markets, organizational dynamics, etc. Most of such products are with legacy technology, tribal knowledge and facing challenges due to attrition/retirement

Ageing portfolios, cost centers that need a turnaround

25-30% of R&D spend on end-of-life products that generate 15-20% of revenues

Semiconductor crisis & Electronics obsolescence management

Urgent need to do re-engineering / redesign / reverse engineering / value engineering / cost engineering / meet regulatory compliances

Leading product teams innovate more, innovate better with QuEST’s sustenance ownership programs

“Our Endeavour is to efficiently and seamlessly transform product sustenance (both hardware and software) as a completely outsourced managed service from the client enterprise and provide value driven outcomes beyond resource mobilization”

QuEST’s SustenanceFactory aims to help customers reduce Time to Market, increase innovation index, build the latest and greatest products, excite end-users and continue market leadership.

Our key objectives:

  • To manage lifecycle of established products - Support and leverage existing installations, and manage lifecycle to customers expectations - To de-risk and industrialize services business
  • Reduce cost of ownership, improve Efficiency, Reliability & Customer Satisfaction
  • To accelerate the creation of new star products and gain competitive advantage

QuEST SustenanceFactory ensures a seamless managed services transition

At QuEST we understand transitioning of in-house sustenance activities to QuEST SustenanceFactory needs to be seamless such that customers invest minimum efforts, remain unaffected by change and costs get curtailed. This is the reason we have set up a managed transition process with our vast experience in this space.This process helps us understand the products comprehensively and migrate it to our QuEST SustenanceFactory in a structured and effective manner.Our endeavour is to efficiently and quickly transform product sustenance from the client enterprise as a completely outsourced managed service,

The managed transition process facilitates end to end migration of the product suite to QuEST SustenanceFactory in less than 18 mths.


QuEST - A strategic and seasoned Global partner for sustenance

QuEST has a wide global footprint , understanding of diverse hardware –software lifecycle challenges and with our Global-Local model , have been running successful managed sustenance programs for industry leaders by customising our sustenance solutions to suit their needs be it rebadging resources, demographic realignment ,supplier consolidation etc to ensure low drag on customer R&D teams and help them Boost Innovation with Reduced Time to Market ensuring Employee satisfaction, lower TCO and Increasing Revenues.

There is no disagreement on that fact the outsourcing product sustenance is critical to innovation driven organisations. However, partnering with a trusted partner with wide experience in this domain who can provide desired outcomes in a sustainable and structured manner will be key for the future proof businesses of tomorrow.


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